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Thread: Anyone know any good metronome practices

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    Anyone know any good metronome practices

    Hi guys back with another thread. Anyway, I this wanted to post this message that I finally got a metronome! So it was only $32.00 bucks, but it was only what I could afford as of right now. So I'll be getting ready to practice with it and just try to get my timing down and build up speed and accuracy. I was wondering could anyone post me to link that had practicing scales or sequence of patterns with a metronome? Well, take care for now.

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    You don't need to look up any special exercises to use it, you can (and should) use it when practicing anything of the sort you've been already practicing without it.

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    Yes, just practice everything you normally practice, but do it to the metronome. And remember to do things slower than usual, as well as trying to get faster. Trying to play slow really tests your time-keeping,as well as enabling you to focus on things like tone and articulation.

    Here's the video I usually recommend for metronome questions:

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    I totally agree with the previous comments posted. Just practice any scales or chord changes you need to get used to (and already have to work on) at a comfortable speed and then build the speed up with the metronome when you are ready. If you start making mistakes when you bring the speed up on the metronome then I suggest bringing the speed back down.

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    Good metronome practices:
    1. SLOW practice is the key to FAST playing
    2. Make it SWING: Use dotted rhythms to hep improve your timing
    3. Reverse your DOTTED rhythms
    4. Phasing your phrasing

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    Advice to the people voting no: If practising with a metronome bores you (like it does me) then get a looper instead. Kick off just the first riff with a metronome and then just play along to what's there. It's far more interesting that just playing to a metronome.

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