Hi guys back here with another thread. In this topic I want to explain something. Well, to make a long story short, I useth to worry about always playing scales the correct way. For instance, always starting on the root of a chord tone and ending on the root (or an octave higher). I was also taught to play arpeggios root for root as well. But it's like now what I was learning in order for to reach my fullest potential of playing. It was to let go and just be free with the guitar in other words... let go of any restraint that I have... like stop always trying to improvise while playing the guitar by rules or else you'll put limits and restrictions on yourself. Like just last night I finally come to grips of knowing that I could start on any note I like and land on any note I like and play that note I landed on over just one of any chord whether it was major, minor or diminished. Because I would always and easily become never satisfied of playing the guitar if I learned anything new. It would become nothing new in a few days I'll become excited today and the next day I'm like.... ugh! It's like I never accomplished anything in the beginning. In my guitar learning I was always taught that if you play a dominant chord - mixolydian was the scale to play because it had a flat seventh in it and I was always taught that you better start on the root and land on the root when phrasing and playing the scale correctly or else. I was also taught that if you play major chords usually Ionian and Lydian were scales you was supposed to play for the I and IV chords and they said that I better start on the root and land on the root or else. They told me for minor chords it was always Aeolian, Dorian, and Phrygian for minor chords and as always they told me to play the root of the chord and land on the root of the chord. And I thought to myself...ok! If thats going to make me politically correct.. if that going to get me to the advance level then I thought.... I mightest well! But when I look at George Benson and the other greats they do whatever they feel like doing on the guitar! But after while after last night I understood that I (my playing) was being put in a box with limitations... and I know I might catch a lot of heat for this and this is coming from a real guitarist. Because maybe your on that same road that I was stuck on. But now Im free with music. People say there are rules but when it comes down to it I say forget the rules and regulations. Just other day I noticed that starting on any note I like and sliding into any note I find pleasant works wonders when played over any chord. Because I was always taught to play scales the correct way which was root to root. Which left me struggling at how to solo. Now I dont even play arpeggios the same. I'll play arpeggios but I dont have to start or land on the root like the rule book says so I can play any arpeggio and quickly jump out into playing improvisation and landing on any note that feel like landing on. But thats what I took notice of. I got a lot compliments on how the way I play now. Well, enough for now. But I hope this been a help to somebody!