What I discovered today was something totally interesting. I want to about the major scale or any scale in particular in this post. Yes, I useth to play the major scale up and down from root to octave like everybody else. But what I notice that when I played the major scale like that it traveling up and down the guitar neck from root to octave which made the major scale boring to play. Now... but that same scale I played which was played up and down from root octave with no rhythm nor harmony. Did you get it? "Rhythm and Harmony!" That is what was missing. I mean I never discovered this today untill I started striking each note fast like my favorite guitar player george benson. But rhytmn and harmony of playing a scale with rhythm and harmony is topic byself. But it didnt stop there. What I notice is that for the first 3 notes I created a sense of harmony and rhtymn and then sped up the pace by making sure I land on the down beat. Which I never seen done before but if I had video of what I was talking about I would show you what I am talking about.

But what I did notice that the major is made up of seven notes include the octave makes eight notes. For example how the I lookjed at playing the major scale each note had a 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 beat to each note. What I did I started counting the beat per note. For example in the key of C. C D E F G A B C

I will setup an illustration

C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C <(OCTAVE)
1---&--2---&--3--&---4--& (notes per beat)

But do you see how the octave C note lands on the and beat OR is like this where the C note or octave lands on the one beat.

C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C

^Is this setup correctly?

But the difference was that I played the major scale the first three notes with rhytmn and harmony and then play the rest of the 5 notes fast where it landed on the down beat or of good timing I should say. Thus was I happy ^_^