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Thread: The V-I Chord progression

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    The V-I Chord progression

    I just tried putting these two chords together and they fit and complete a V-I chord progression.


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    Yes, A7-D, V-I - very basic stuff (nothing wrong with that - but if this is news to you then you're really getting ahead of yourself worrying about modes and whatnot in your other threads...and as has been said time and again, spending more time learning and playing some actual songs will automatically teach you these sounds and concepts in context.)
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    Yes, absolute beginner harmony, page 1.
    Now try it in all the other 11 major keys... or at least the other common guitar keys (C, G, A, E).
    And see how it works in minor keys (Eg A7-Dm)

    What songs have you learned recently, or been studying?

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    I also think you should learn some favourite songs instead of any of this theory stuff about chord progressions or modes etc.

    If you spend your practice time learning songs, then you don't just learn how to play the song ... you are also learning technique (eg how to pick or how to fret tricky passages, inc. things like legato runs etc) ... and if you take some time to look at the printed music then you can see what chords and scales are being used, and you can see for yourself if you understand the theory of why those particular chords and scales work together in a particular key ... so that's a practical way of leaning theory too.

    To learn songs - buy a songbook (with full TAB as well as notation for the entire songs, not just some solos or riffs). Make it something a bit easier than George Benson!

    Seriously, why not do that, and tells us how you get on with working like that?

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