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Thread: Brand New Sight Reading iPad App!!!

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    Oct 2012

    Brand New Sight Reading iPad App!!!

    For anyone who's interested...


    Sight Reader is an incredible new iPad app for music students and teachers to aid in the process of learning to read music notation. It boasts a large, categorized content library with both static and non-repeating material to keep you from memorizing the music. Whether you are just getting started or are looking to hone your skills further, it has something for all reading abilities.

    It will objectively listen to your playing and give you feedback and a score based on how well you played the music. We're launching with support for 7 instruments which includes basic notation lessons for each instrument and a vast library of content available for purchase.

    The app can be downloaded for FREE and comes loaded with stuff. While this is a monumental milestone, it marks just the beginning as we have many features, enhancements and content to add in the coming months.

    More available here:

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    Nov 2012
    Wow this is a great news for me as an iPad developer I really would like to appreciate this information a lot.

    ipad apps developers | ipad application development

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    Apr 2017
    It is too good, learner and teachers will get great help.

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    nice app

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    Oct 2018
    Its Fantastic App

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    Oct 2018
    Loving this App. Thank You

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