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Thread: Roman Numerals for Parallel Minor?

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    Smile Roman Numerals for Parallel Minor?

    So in the key of C how I formed a chord progression like this I-IV-bvii so that would look like this right? Cmaj Fmaj and Bbmaj.

    But what I wanted to know was I dont know the rest of the roman numerals for the rest of the parallel minor chords like in the key of C parallel minor what are the roman numerals for each chord?

    Cmaj = I
    Dmin = ii
    Emin = iii
    Fmaj = IV
    Gmaj = V
    Amin = vi
    Bdim = vii

    But what about C major's Parallel Minor relationship what are its roman numerals?

    Cmin = ?
    Ddim = ?
    Ebmaj = ?
    Fmin = ?
    Gmin = ?
    Abmaj = ?
    Bbmaj = ?

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    Actually, the bvii should be bVII since it is a major chord. Bb =/= Bbm which would give you vii or if you prefer VIIm.

    In terms of harmonizing scale degrees, the VII is diminished in a major key, but major in a minor key.

    The parallel minor harmonizing sequence is as thus:


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