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Thread: Need help finding chords to this melody line

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    Smile Need help finding chords to this melody line

    Need help finding chords to this melody line


    I know that its in the key of F: F G A Bb C D E

    The notes in the lick are in order.The first breakdown in whats happening.

    Here it goes Bb-A-F to G Notes in arranged in order F G A Bb

    Second phrase is going F-E-C-C-D to C Notes arranged in order F E C D

    For the first part now with the notes being arranged in order you get two double stops in there and that is F and A and G and Bb, but thing is it doesnt produce any chords.

    In the second phrase, with the notes being arranged in order you get one double stop and that is C and E strum together will create a double stop not a chord, though.

    The thing is I cant seem to find or tell whether which note is minor second minor third perfect fourth or perfect fifth because I dont know where to start at counting off at. Is at F or on the notes that is starting the phrase or the note the phrase lands on? And now I've arranged the notes in order and broke the lick down but I still come away with missing something. Did I do my homework correctly on this or what.

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    The hundreds if not thousands of possible chords for any one melody...
    So you need to let your ears guide how you feel your melody should relate to the chords ie which note do you want to 'feel like home' (ie which is the key note), which notes you want to sound consonant, which notes you want you sound dissonant ect ect
    IME this is an intuitive process most songwriters go through: they sing their melody to various chords until they find the progression that gives their melody the sound they want.

    your tab shows notes Bb A F G C# C G G A G (not what you've written...)

    The first chord that comes to my mind for that lick is Gm which gives:

    b3 2 7 R b5 4 R R 2 R

    A composite of Gminor scale and G blues scale, a choice commonly used in hard rock.

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    Finding the chord - use one that has some of the melody notes in it.

    When the melody moves on and that old chord no longer has some of the melody notes in it's makup. Find another one that does.

    That's how music thinks - that's why we have more than one chord in a song.

    Look at the following fake chord sheet music:
    Artist: Hank Williams
    Song: Cold Cold Heart

    I [D] tried so hard my dear to show that you're my every [A7] dream
    Yet you're afraid each thing I do is just some evil [D] scheme
    A mem'ry from your lonesome past keeps us [D7] so far a-[G] part
    Why [A7] can't I free your doubtful mind and melt your Cold, Cold [D] Heart

    Lot of melody notes just a few chords. The D, G, A7 chords contain every note in the D scale, so those three chords will harmonize that whole song, as long as the melody stays in the D scale.
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