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Thread: Infringement Of Copyright Law

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    Jul 2011

    Infringement Of Copyright Law

    Hey all
    I'm Dan I've been a guitarist for 20 years now, I have a full time job outside music coz my music dreams didn't work out, but hey I still keep on playing for me its a drug and I live for the days when me and my band get up on stage and do the odd gig now and then...
    I've turned my hand to teaching guitar over the last few years, I have the odd learner come over every now & then ! not a great money spinner by any means but it feels good seeing my students when they finally start playing the songs they have asked me to teach them...
    I would really like to make a DvD recording of famous songs like what I teach my students at home !....
    but on video and sell it over the Internet for the same amount I charge for a lesson, Thing is I know, I will be breaking copyright law and could be at risk of receiving a hefty fine of $5,000 plus for breaking copyright law or would it come under FAIR USE because all the content would be original recorded by me ?
    As you maybe aware of last year the copyright watch dogs closed down all the free Guitar Tab websites ! because of this very same copyright dispute ! but they are now back up and running...
    Rock and roll was always about breaking the rule's anyway or has the bigwigs in the music industry made us for get that !!!!!!!!

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    I'm not a lawyer, but I'm almost 100% sure it would not fall under fair use, and you would need to clear the rights for the songs on any instructional DVD you would sell.

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    Yes something about recordings are not handled the same as sheet music. Sheet music can be in public domain and you are welcome to use the sheet music, however using a recording of the song is another story.

    Rule of thumb. If you make money from the song you need to send some of it to the songwriter.

    Google songs in public domain.
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