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Thread: EV's Neoclassical shred

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    EV's Neoclassical shred

    I can't help making a comment on anything that mentions Yngwie:

    I was once (long time ago it feels now) a young guitarist who happened to chance upon an album by a band called Alcatrazz. It featured great songs, fab vocals but best of all it had some guitar playing by a bloke whose name I couldn't pronounce that simply blew me away. I think people fail to appreciate who different Yng was to everything else at the time.

    I moved on and stopped listening to neoclassical stuff years ago because to be frank it started to bore me. I can understand why people decry Yngwie (and I have to agree with their comments at times)

    One thing I am certain of though is that Yngwie is capable of playing at an emotive level that is up there.

    Its funny that this web site made me look at my playing differently in a number of ways - one thing I did was analyse what makes me feel that someone is a great guitar player in an attempt to isolate what I need to work on to become satisfied with my own playing - well number one on my list was eventually vibrato - to me it was the one thing that kept cropping up as the most influential factor in me liking to listen to a player. Well Yng has without doubt one of the most expressive vibrato's.

    I write this because I recently purchased 'Fire and Ice' after years of not hearing any of his stuff and tbh after listening a couple of times I can take or leave lots of it. However the solo on Teaser took me straight back to those Island In the Sun days and made it worth every penny


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    Hey there,

    thanks for yer comments.

    I went through a similar phase... there was a time when, after listening to neoclassical stuff ( Yngwie, Vinnie etc. ), I was simply bored of it, and I started listening to bluesier, major-y artists such as Satch, Vai, Richie Kotzen ( "Electric Joy" ), Greg Howe.

    I came back to the neoclassical stuff though, and I kinda came to terms with it. There are times when I really love to listen to "Rising Force", "The Mindīs Eye", "Freedom To Fly" and all those kinda records.
    If I am not in the mood, I simply donīt listen to it. And if I am bored of Yngwie recording yet another album of neoclassical stuff... well, there are so many other records I can listen to then.

    This music always will remain an influence of mine ( something I can use in that new metal-project I am involved in ), and as I said, I have come to terms with it. So I wonīt get bored of it again, or complain about any re-occuring elements of it...
    Thanks a lot for yer comments

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