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Thread: Not enough time to study theory and practice my guitar playing

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbarata View Post
    Hello my friends

    I have a problem which is: I don't have enough time to study theory and improve my technique in guitar playing.
    Somtimes I have doubts about theory and use my available guitar practice time to study so that I can find answers to my doubts.

    Obviously, practice and theory meet each other somewhere, I just don't know where. So, I need your help about what kind of exercises should I practice so that I can improve in both ways at the same time.

    Thank you.
    Well, I've to say that I was like you before as I do not have enough time to study and practice guitar due to busy schedule. I think you need to focus once in a while like once a week. Anyway, if you do like what you are doing I bet you will not get tired of it and you will continue playing and learning it. Kinda tricky if you are starting but its fun, you will surely get your own technique without focusing more on the theory and all.

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    As I read about writing fugues, I see that if the first subject started on the tonic, the second should start on the dominant. I'm confused about that. If my first subject is in C, do I write the second subject in the key of G, with the F# ? So then I would need to write the counter-subject sung by the first voice also be in G, correct?
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    Victor Wooten said that theory should be secondary to feel. Real music has feeling and shouldn't always be micr analyzed. In other words, you should make music inherently and then look at the theory after the fact or when you get stuck. Theory is good to know, but it won't really help your chops. I'd focus on playing and incorporating theory into your playing rather than trying to devote time to studying it solo.

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