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Thread: Stratus - Billy Cobham Analysis

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    Stratus - Billy Cobham Analysis

    Hi, what is going on interms of improvisation in the song stratus by cobham,


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    Not much to say, Cm vamp. Im hearing some maj7s in there which would suggest use of the c jazz minor scale. Otherwise its pretty vanila, dorian, flavoured to me. Based on the first two minutes I have heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumdead10000 View Post
    Hi, what is going on interms of improvisation in the song stratus by cobham,

    In terns of note/scale choice - if that's what you mean - it's pretty much all C blues scale. The bass riff is solid C minor pent throughout.
    At around the 2:30 mark the keyboard plays some "outside" chromatic chords to liven things up a bit, but the guitar is still C blues scale.

    Something interesting happens around 4:00: the synth (sounding a little like a guitar to begin with, but I think it's pretty clearly a synth) starts playing in Eb minor pent.
    Between 4:07 and 4:20, he's just riffing in Eb minor pent, over the C minor pent bass riff. This means you're hearing a b6 note and a b9, as well as a b5, against the C keynote.
    By 4:26, he's back in C minor pent (more or less), but then introduces an E natural into the mix (suggesting C mixolydian). He clearly means this - or else he's capitalising on a mistake! - because he plays a long E natural at 4:30, before moving it down to Eb - and then does it again. (This solo finishes on an Eb note at 4:40).
    I didn't listen beyond there.

    PS: I didnt hear any of the maj7s JazzMick mentions, nor any dorian 6ths.

    EDIT: Correction! There are dorian 6ths and 9ths in the keyboard chords at the beginning (around 0:20 and again at 0:30). The riffs and soloing are pretty much all C minor pent tho (with bluesy bends).
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