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Thread: guitar lessons

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    guitar lessons

    I'm quite interested in giving guitar lessons to people for some extra cash. I know several people who do it and make a pretty good amount. I'm wondering if anybody has any advice or anything to offer on how to get started with this kind of thing? how do most lessons go? etc etc etc, thanks.

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    odd...my email has informed me that malcom responded, but its not showing up on here.

    As no one has jumped on this. Not trying to yank your chain -- have you had lessons? If you have not had lessons why do you think you can teach? Knowing how to teach the material is as important as knowing the subject matter.

    If you insist - get Guitar for Dummies and use it as your lesson play. Take your student through the book one page at a time - of course starting at the appropriate page depending on what they already know.
    I've had lessons in the past, and I'm still taking lessons now with a good teacher. What I'm most interested in hearing about is peoples' experiences. Do most students really want to learn the technical side of playing, and the theoretical side of it? Or do most just want to learn to play their favorite songs?

    I know my current teacher has a very different method than previous teachers I've had. This method, however, I think was used because I had to learn songs scales and guitar theory for school. We didn't really go over songs that I had been working on in my spare time. His method is more teaching me how to learn these songs and analyze them myself, instead of just teaching me where to put my fingers and pluck. I personally believe that to be a great method, but does it work for most students?

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    I guess it all depends on the level of the student.

    For plain beginners it is very slow, one chord at the time, showing where to put the fingers, change from one chord to the next, play tunes, try to make them strum 1-2-3-4 and not the rhythm of the melody. The key is here being a great guy and LOTS of patience. Finding tunes that the student can play and that they like is also important.

    As a guitar teacher you will normally have plenty of plain beginners. Finding a good book and follow that is very good.

    If you are lucky enough to get better students, praise ..., and prepare like **** on any subject that she/he prefers, and hope the word spread that you are a good teacher.

    The 80/20 rule applied for as long as I was teaching. 80% of the students was plain beginners, and 20% was better than that. I spent 20% of my time preparing for lessons with the beginners, and 80% of my time preparing for the better players. Do not take this as a hint that you don't have to prepare for lessons with the plain beginners, but you got to spend hours for each lesson with a better player.

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    Getting started.

    Put an advert in the local news papers.
    Put up flyers.
    Consult local music stores and they should let you put up a notice on a pin board or something. Sometimes they offer lessons aswell and can sub-contract you when people come to their store looking for guitar lessons. (avoid this option if you can though, most stores take a pretty unfair finders fee)

    As for teaching. Figure out your strenghts. What exactly do you have to offer a student?

    Some people are great at playing rock guitar. Some are good at classical guitar, some Jazz styles. ect.. find your niche and advertise with that in mind. However as gersdal said you will probably get newbies who really aren't ready to distinguish between these things. So be prepared to talk major scales and open position chords. Simple tunes ect..

    Discussing it with potential students on the phone can help though. Get an idea of what they are looking to learn so you can be prepared before they turn up for lesson 1.

    Teaching can be very fulfilling. It can also be a pain. Espescially when students either dont practice or cant exactly articulate what they want from you. Which can lead to some frustration when you are trying to plan lessons.

    Best of luck.

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    odd...my email has informed me that Malcolm responded, but its not showing up on here.
    After posting I thought it was a little too blunt.

    Only advice I have - kids wake up in a new World each day. Their homework assignments should be in writing and you should place them in their instrument case. Get the kids playing something they can take home and show Mom and Dad so Mom and Dad will keep sending money.

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    If you would go on to have a good guitar lessons for beginners in this one, then things would have been very much good and well in order to obtain something out of it. In that way, you would be able to really get things work out as well as to learn a lot and to improve. Hope you can find something about it soon.
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