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Thread: Berklee Audition Song?

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    Berklee Audition Song?

    I don't usually go on this website, but I need some suggestions and thought that it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone has anything to offer on here. I hope to audition for Berklee School of Music (in Boston) soon and am trying to decide on a piece to play. I've been taking formal lessons for six years since mid grade school and am very folk and blues influenced.

    I would love to play something by SRV, Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd but I'm sure the judges already hear a ton of that sort of music and I would like to try to be as unique as I can. Right now I've been really looking at the songs "Mood for a Day" and "Clap" by Steve Howe of Yes, but they aren't that challenging for me.

    Does anyone have any insight on those songs or other song suggestions? Are they not complex enough for what the judges normally look for?

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    Play what ever you feel best represents YOU as a musician.

    Don't worry about playing something different just because they may have heard it 100 times. That will have no impact on them accepting or not accepting you into the school.

    I mean, I never went to berklee (im in the wrong country for that) but I have been through all of this and I imagine its much the same in the USA.

    Typically what they will be looking for during the performance aspect of the audition is coherency and consistency in your playing. IOW, If you play a tune and get through the whole thing without having to stop and scratch your head, or without buzzing a **** load of notes ect... They will also listen for dynamics and general expressive interpretation( how much of this they are interested in would depend on the level of the course you are auditioning for) so if its an introductory type course, they might not be so interested in your expressions as they would if it were of university levels.

    When I did it I was auditioning for a Jazz focused course so I just played Autumn leaves and a blues in Bb or something. These guys were more interested in hearing my ability to improvise and be somewhat creative, rather than playing a cover verbatim.

    Basically you just need to show them that you are serious about what you are doing and that you have the ability and dedication to improve. So what you play really shouldn't matter, so long as you keep that in mind.

    All the best. Berklee seems to have quite a reputation so you will enjoy every moment of it I'm sure.

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    i think the judges won't care what's the song you play, but rather how you play it. the more 'you' you put into it i find the better.

    find your strengths and showcase those, whether it's improvisation or whether it's intricate pieces. i don't think it matters that much the song you play, as long as the judges can see your ability, what you are able to do, and how musical you are at it.

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    Mar 2010

    Berklee Audition Song?

    I'm going to audition in a little while for Berklee. I have been playing...too simple. Are ALL of the songs above too simple? I would love to do...

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