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Thread: Can anyone explain these techniques?

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    Jul 2009

    Can anyone explain these techniques?

    Hey guys!

    So I want to make my solos and improvs have a more metal sound. I don't mean like death metal just like the fast solos kinda sound,

    what are some good techniques? Sweep picking? Tapping? How do you do those?

    Also what are common modes and scales? That's guys!

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    Those are very broad questions. check out the main site: http://www.ibreathemusic.com/cat/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeman9412@gma View Post
    Hey guys!

    ... Sweep picking? Tapping? How do you do those?

    Also what are common modes and scales? That's guys!
    That part of your post is basically asking "how do I play a guitar solo"??!!

    If you want to play more "metal", base more of your chops on minor sounds. It's not all about speed either..

    I remember years ago when I had just started working in a music store this guy came in and he was trying out a couple guitars but was too shy to play anything so I jumped on and messed about - he got all excited and asked if I could show him how to play so fast..
    to my surprise when he picked the thing up he easily played as fast as me BUT he picked everything (better than I could!) whereas I play heaps of legato...
    The moral to the story is perception has a lot to do with how something sounds - just because you think you don't sound "metal" doesn't mean noone else does (or doesn't)....
    If you are soloing over a monster riff, you could be playing some gay classical stuff and it'll sound tuff - oh, hang on that's already been done!!!

    my 2c

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    I think you need to do more and more practice with scales to move your fingers fast.Break the solo into parts and keep practicing, this will help you out.

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    Try and get hold of speed mechanics (book by Troy Stetina.)

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    Try some "muscle memory." A lot of speedy stuff can sound harder than it really is (and some IS crazy difficult, lol). You can really stretch out the simplest ideas where you've developed a good bit of speed and CONTROL into bigger things. Of course an important part of that 'repetitive memory' stuff with your fingers, positions, intervals, etc, is to make it work in a musical way.

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    Old post - Mike has not been around for awhile.

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