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Thread: Here's the idea:Song Analysis Thread

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    My opinions about the structure about the song analysis sub-website.

    A website consisting of a mixture of wikipedia, lyrics websites, and forum websites can be created.

    + There is alphabetical order. (Like lyrics websites) Songs of an artist are listed under artist name. Artist name takes place under the letter of its name's first letter. (Of course you should be able to search directly the song.)

    + If there's no thread about the specific artist name and song. You can create a post and contribute or start to ask whatever in your mind. (Like Wikipedia)

    + People which are interested in that specific song search and start to contribute, ask and talk about the song.

    + To avoid Off-Topic issue members are able to complaint about the thread directly by means of a button under the thread without friction. (What are not allowed to written on threads should be determined as rules and complaints should be according to this rules.)

    + The current threads can be seen on the main screen of website. Thus People can attend active threads and help each other.

    Another big issue except than structure of the website is the discussion format.
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    I've been teaching myself guitar & music theory for a little over 3 years. For a while, my main activity was to look up songs that I liked and add them to a personal "song book" for practicing. When I created the entries for this song book, I would list the title and key, and then I indicated the chords by roman numeral (e.g., I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi...) which allowed me to quickly play them in any key. I have about 150+ songs in the book right now (classics/standards, classic rock, hard rock, alternative, pop).

    At some point, I was seeing the similarities in progressions (of course), and I was creating index tables to keep track of what was in the song book. I wound up creating three indices: One alphabetical by song name, one alphabetical by band, and one based on the Roman numeral chord progression pattern. I started a fourth by key, but did not get that done. The progression-index started out at I-I-I-I and would theoretically end at a song that was, like, VII-VII-VII-VII. But mostly there were a lot of overlapping. I mean, we've probably all seen the YouTube video about hundreds of pop songs played with I-V-vi-IV, or heard about it. But there are a lot of other "common" progressions in the big hits from the past.

    To make this index inclusive of both major and minor keys, I did notate all minor keys as their relative major. Because a song that goes Am-F-G-Am has a lot in common, IMO, with a song that goes C-F-G-C in terms of tension/resolution, and I thought it was important to see the IV-V interplay. If I had tried notating minor keys like i-iidim-III-iv-v-VI-VII, it would totally screw up the comparative value of this index.

    Anyway, the progression index is a bit subjective due to different cadences, different timing of chord changes. If a song goes Am|F||F|C|G| should I put it under vi|IV|I|V or should i create a line for songs that goo vi|IV|IV|I|V? And, of course, some of the overlapping chords will be separated if they start off in different places, so that a song that goes Am|F|C|G and a song that goes C|G|Am|F are very similar, but they'd be far apart in my index. I suppose the index could be adjusted to put relative majors/minors together or in sequence, or something. Oh, there's also the problem of what to do with songs that have a distinctly different verse and chorus progression, do they go in two different places, or what? I just stuck with the "first" progression due to time constraints, but I could see an index / comparative analysis that took ever distinct progression from a song to put it in a different place, so it would all be accounted for.

    Well, if there's going to be some universal compendium for song analysis, I just think some kind of chord progression pattern index would be handy. A key index could be useful, too. Once you write the subroutine, it basically writes itself, so it should all be pretty straightforward.

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    sounds like a smart thought to me

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