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Thread: Clever title

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    Clever title

    I'm stuck in a rut again with my soloing
    But that's not what this thread is about. This thread is me asking you all on your opinion on a matter. When I'm playing, I'll sometimes record myself. Whilst playing, I feel like it's sounding good, but when I play it back, I'm disappointed. Does anybody else get this?

    Also, when I'm trying to come up with melodies or lead lines, it seems like they lack somewhat. Anyone else?

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    These are natural feelings.

    We all expect more of ourselves than is possible, this is just your inner artistic ego at play. Never being satisfied with the work.

    So far as recording yourself and then not liking the sound of it when its played back. Try to identify why you don't like it. Does it have poor time? Is the melody wrong? Is it not structured the way you want?...If after consideration it is all of the above, then scrap it.

    If it is just one or two of those things, or maybe something else. 9 out of 10 times the solution is to keep practicing it.

    Practice all week and record the same thing again. Then compare the two recordings. You will be amazed at the difference.

    Now, do you still not like it? If not, re analyse it. Often it is due to poor time, so practice with a metronome always.

    As for being stuck in a rut. Try learning some stuff from other players. No one is creative 100% of the time. Go learn a funky vai lick or something and mess around with it or dive into a style that is totally new to you...never played classical music? try it! or how about taking a Brittany spears song and meatalizing it that's always fun. When the creative juices are ready they will flow.

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    Completely know the feeling.
    I was there ... I did all the stuff that Mick recommended (and some more). And It helps. Yo have awoken inner critic. Listen to him (but not too much), he can guide you to improve yourself.

    But it will never be the end of it. You can never play as good as you can imagine yourself doing it ... The path is neverending, so don't forget to enjoy how you can play NOW.

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