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Thread: Regarding Hendrix Classic

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    Regarding Hendrix Classic

    Not too long ago I was introduced to the beautiful world of Jimi Hendrix. I listened to a song called "Little Wing" and immediately fell in love with his style.

    I recently purchased a guitar and decided I wanted to experience the music personally. Since I have been endlessly studying chords, scales, and other guitar theory. I decided I wanted to study the different scales Hendrix used for his songs and recently pinned one of his down.

    It appears he used an F major pentatonic scale for "The Wind Cried Mary" and an F major chord shape. After looking at a couple of his songs I noticed the pentatonic scale is a favorite of his but I am having some trouble with one of his songs.

    This might appear to be a dumb question. Jimi Hendrix - "All Along the Watchtower" - I'm having trouble pinning down the scale used for this one. This might be comical to some of you experts but I was wondering if you guys could help me out a little.

    Other than that this site and board have been very helpful to me.

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    Hey there...

    "All Along The Watchtower"... well, if I remember correctly that tune is played on a guitar tuned down a half-step. So although what you hear is the key of Cmin, Jimi played it in C#min ( since the guitar is tuned down, it sounds a half-step lower )
    He was mainly using the Emaj / C#min pentatonic on that one, occasionally throwing in a blue note or using notes from the minor scale.
    I love that tune, one of my favorite leads of all time

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    Thumbs up

    Well I definately appreciate this. Thanks for the help.

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