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Thread: Listening recommendations III

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    Listening recommendations III

    Alrighty, here is another list of listening recommendations... guitar-related stuff again. I hope these lists are interesting for you at all. I just figured Iīd give away some more recommendations for CDīs I have recently enjoyed a lot... so here we go...

    1. Joe Satriani- Strange Beautiful Music
    OK, I posted a whole thread about this album, but thatīs been like 3-4 weeks ago, and I have listened to it several times ever since.
    I really like this one, it has some great melodies, great playing, some very mysterious moods and a very cool guitar-sound. I like this one a lot more than "Engines Of Creation", but thatīs a matter of taste. I just think itīs more in the tradition of "Crystal Planet"

    2. Matalex- Wild Indian Summer
    Ok, the CDs of these guys are kinda hard to find. In Europe, you might get them by mailorder, in the States you can get them through Wal-Mart... yes, you read right, I found two of their CDs at the WalMart website...
    Anyway, the band is led by Berklee-grads Alex Gunia ( guitar ) and Mat Smith ( keys ). The music is fusion, with LOTS ( did I say LOTS ?!? ) of cool grooves and very tasteful playing by Gunia, who definitely has great chops.
    Guest: Randy Brecker

    I usually tend to grow tired of fusion after a while, and Matalex shows some 80īs influences too, but the grooves and the guitar-work definitely keep it interesting for me.
    BTW, their second album was called "Jazz Grunge", and was justthat: fusion with some cool heavy riffs.

    3. Michael Landau- Tales From The Bulge
    This album is like 12 years old by now, but has recently been re-issued. Landau was and still is one of LAīs most busiest studio players, can be heard on hundreds of albums.
    This album is fusion with great guitar work and very nice atmosphere... sometimes dreamy, sometimes rather agressive... Thereīre some amazing musicians on that one...

    4. Steve Lukather- "Candyman" & "Luke"
    Which leads us to Landauīs buddy Steve Lukather, who not only is another popular studio-cat ( played with Richard Marx, Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John... ), but also guitarist for Toto.
    His solo-albums are very cool, he made three, I recommend the two I mentioned above... Candyman is very fusion-style but has some cool rock-stuff, too, featuring SImon Phillips, Dave Garfield and John Pena. This record is unfortunately pretty tough to find.
    "Luke" is way more rock-influenced, and Lukather uses a way straighter, less processed in your face guitar tone on this one. Great playing, cool songs...

    5. Joe Diorio
    Joe is a great jazz-player. He used to teach at the GIT, and also plays live in the CA-area a lot. He has a great attitude and a cool sound.
    For an introduction, I recommend to check out his MP3-site. You can download several of his songs for free there, some great stuff among that !!!

    Diorio @ MP3

    6. Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour- Larry & Lee
    Those guys are great. They used to be considered rivals ( both were some of the most important and busiest studio cats in the biz in the late 70īs, early 80īs ), but in 95 they teamed up to record a very nice, relaxed album full of great tasteful playing. Check that one out if you like Westcoast-guitar fusion

    7. Angelica
    This was a weird experiment. I like the results a lot though:
    The idea was: letīs team up some opera singers with some hip rock guitar-players and let them play classical works and kinda re-interpret them, combining opera vocals and rock guitar.
    The guitarists: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Dweezil Zappa, Steve Stevens...
    Eric Johnson does a magnificient version of the "Ave Maria" and plays one of his most inspired solos ever over it... amazing

    8. Badlands-dto.
    Did I mention this one before ? Dang it, canīt remember
    Anyway, this is a classic. Badlands was a band featuring some very cool musicians, incl. Eric SInger ( who was the drummer in Kiss for a while ) and Jake E.Lee ( who used to play for Ozzy and IMHO is one of the most underrated players ever ).
    This record features great songs, the music is kinda reminiscent of Led Zeppelin ( cool vocals by the late, great Ray Gillen... RIP ), and thereīs some VERY cool, bluesy guitar-playing by Lee...

    Anyway, Iīll stop now... there are bunches of more cool records that I could mention, but letīs leave it at that.
    Maybe youīll find some cool music you like through those recommendations... I sure hope so...
    Warm regards

    NP: Matalex- Wild Indian Summer

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    Jun 2002

    Thumbs up The Saz

    Cool List, Keep them Coming I like finding new stuff to listen too.

    Speaking of New Stuff I ran across Somthing called Kubat (I'm assuming it's a person).
    It's mind blowing stuff I can't even compare it to anything.
    The Song is Dertli Saz (so I belive he's using an electic Saz, with effects and the whole bit) It's got vocals and everything. Love those semi-tones.
    I tried looking up info on the guy (maybe it's a group) but everything I came across was written in Turkish (I think) whatever it was I could make very little out of it.

    I also found something Called "Oyun Havalari" Not sure if it's a person group or what but it's electric Saz music.
    Anyway If your familar with either or Please fill me in.
    "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is usually the correct one." William of Occam

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