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Thread: Music notation software?

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    Aug 2009

    Music notation software?

    I am looking for software that would allow me to write a full music score. I've tried several of the free fonts available on the Web, and they're really not flexible enough for what I'm looking for. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for good manuscript capabilities.

    I'd like to be able to combine standard notation with (1) fingering notation (1, 2, 3, 4) and position notation (Ist, IInd, IIIrd, etc.) above the staff, (2) string notation (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) and fret notation (1, 2, 3, ...) below the staff.

    I'd also like to be able to combine traditional staff notation with guitar tab notation and fretboard diagrams.

    If I can do all this stuff in Microsoft Word, that would be even better.

    Any suggestions?

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    JazzNerd gersdal's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Norway - South West coast
    Power tab is a freeware program that is ok. Myself, I use GuitarPro (cost a bit) and have used Sibelius (cost a lot).

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    Feb 2004
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    GuitarPro or LilyPond. Guitar-Pro is much easier to use than LilyPond, however, LilyPond prints a great piece of sheet music. It's learning curve is something else to take into consideration. It's like learning another software language.


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    Registered User JonR's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    Twickenham, UK
    I use Sibelius, which does everything you need (and more), is quick and looks great, but - yes - is expensive.
    IMO, it would be worth looking into Finale, which comes in many levels, from top-end pro (similar to Sibelius) down to entry-level notepad.
    (Sibelius also comes in a few incarnations, including a guitar-friendly one (G7) which I haven't tried.)
    I used to use a program called Mozart, which was cheap and user-friendly (the designer ran a forum and answered questions and took advice on improvement), but a little more restricted (awkward) in use than Sibelius. But I expect they've improved it a lot in the last few years:

    There are problems with programs like GuitarPro, which work out notation for you but often contain "grammatical" errors - things that a professional music engraver would need to correct, because they might confuse musicians reading purely from notation.

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    Registered User TheAristocrat's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    I just started using Finale Songwriter. Very useful. I wanted to move away from tab and start doing my harmony exercises on it. Sounds good and is very affordable. Nothing on Sibelius, not by a long shot, but does everything you need it to.

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    Sep 2009


    I feel that guitarpro is the best thats what i use for some of my stuff

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