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Thread: Career advice

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    Imyan Imyan's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Male', Maldives.

    Career advice

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can give me some career advice.
    I'm gonna make this as simple as I can.

    I play the electric guitar. I have been playing by myself for about 9 years now. I am still at a beginner level. I want to learn a lot more on guitar playing. Some people ask me what grade I am. I seriously don't know what that means. I guess I have to pass some tests to be graded.

    I want to learn guitar playing styles like Jazz, Blues and also a bit of Classical, and of course Rock and Heavy Metal. I want to have a good knowledge on different styles so that I can have all of them incorporated in my playing.

    I also want to play the piano but that's not my main instrument. I feel that knowing a bit of piano can help me compose music. And I always felt that when I'm not playing the guitar I would like to sit down and relax while playing some piano, and maybe come up with some new ideas.

    I want to become a great guitarist and also have some academic qualifications to show for it. I am looking for music colleges and universities. I will be moving to Birmingham UK or maybe I will be moving to somewhere in the USA soon.

    I don't have any music qualifications and I don't meet the requirements of most Universities or Colleges. But I'm sure there are other institutes and programs within universities or colleges that someone like me could initially join in to.

    I want to go to a place were they teach me music and guitar playing. Please suggest me schools or colleges or even universities that I can apply to. I just need some direction or some paths I can take. Tell me about my options.


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    Dec 2006
    London, England
    I'm not absolutely certain, but having lived all my life in the UK (London), I don't think there are any places of the kind you're hoping for.

    There are plenty of music schools (although far fewer in number than normal academic universities), but afaik they are all typical classical establishments which require you to have very good advanced level academic grades in several subjects (eg Maths & English), as well as a high standard of musical ability even before you have any chance of getting in.

    There may be other places with far less demanding entrance requirements, but I've never heard of them in the UK. There are of course various institutes which provide lessons on all sorts of musical instruments ... but those are just like going to any private teacher (only not so private).

    I mean, I don't want to put you off, and England is great place otherwise (not so sure about Birmingham though lol), and others may know several places where you can find exactly what you want, but I've never heard of such places.

    I think we've talked before about all sorts of tutorial products, right? Things like that Scott Henderson DVD, or the Paul Gilbert DVD, or Speed Mechanics, etc. etc. If you want to get really good, then imho all you have to do is really work at those things like crazy. For example - if you really work at that Scott Henderson DVD, you can end up being able to play all that stuff almost as well as he does ... that will make you a really great sounding guitarist ... but you have to put in all the necessary hours (a LOT!).

    Do that, and also start playing that sort of stuff with other guys. Start playing it live in clubs and bars.

    That's really about the same amount of work that you'd have to do getting into a UK Music College and completing the course ... I think.


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    Modbod UKRuss's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Funky Munky World
    There are a lot more popping up now, there is that one in Guildford which is specifically for contemporary music,,,what is it ACT, ACE...

    Ah, here we go, institute of contemporary music performance


    and Academy of Contemporary Music


    Guitar X


    London Centre of Contemporary Music


    Diploams and degrees etc.

    Dont know much about them but if i was 20 years younger, I'd be in!

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    realizing dreams
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    Oct 2005
    I've just finished my degree course at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford, Russ already mentioned it. This school might be the right thing for you, have a look at the website - www.acm.ac.uk
    Last edited by Padawan; 08-14-2009 at 04:22 PM.

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    Imyan Imyan's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Male', Maldives.
    I have found a place called Rockschool.

    I am currently in a college where they have weekend classes that teaches students to take theory and practical exams from ABRSM, Trinity College and Rockschool.

    I am interested in starting these classes and taking the exams. I am particularly interested in taking the Rockshool exams.

    Does anyone have any firsthand information or experience about Rockschool.

    And should I take the ABRSM exams or just go for the Rockshcool exams?


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    Imyan Imyan's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2006
    Male', Maldives.
    Thanks all for your responses, I didn't have the time before so I read all your posts today.

    Hi Crossraods
    Yeah I should really stick to those DVDs and put in those hours. That's the best way to progress.

    The thing is I am really looking for some qualifications. I want a degree in music, and getting that requires me to have a bunch of other qualifications.

    About moving to England, almost everyone says its a great place to live and I cant wait.

    Hi UKRuss,
    Thanks for all those links. I am looking in to each one of those. I guess I actually have a lot of options.

    Hi Padawan,
    You finished the degree, that's great. So what happens from there.... I mean I have always wanted to have a degree in music but I haven't really thought about what happens after I complete it.

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