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Thread: Jazz piece help?

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    Jazz piece help?

    So....I have a jazz band audition piece that I am having trouble with....reading it is not a problem, but I need to find the best possible fingering and positioning for the runs.... could you guys help? Perhaps I am being lazy, but I gotta do this in two days because the college just got it to me. Could someone make me a tab or something, PLEASE?...Thanks a million guys.....

    Here is the piece


    once again, thanks guys!

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    I don't read music, but as far as fingering goes there aren't really that many options and really i find it's a preference thing some people might like to play it one way while others another. If i were you i'd just try it one way, and every part you find a little difficult try to see if playing it the other way would be easier, if not, then stick with what you started with.

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