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Thread: just a joke

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    just a joke

    a blonde was traveling along a higway and gets to an intersection not thinking she goes straight through, as she goes through she collides with a $100,000 bmw. she stps the car and gets out. Her car was perfect not even a scratch. the man gets out of the bmw and walks up to her and draws a circle on the ground. He tells her to not get out, so she stands in the circle. the man walks over to his car and gets out a baseball bat. He starts smashing the car. She starts laughing but he keeps on going, After 10 mins the car is all smashed up and the blonde is laughing on the ground he walks over to her and asks why she is laughing, she replies"every time u turned around i steped outside the circle"

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    Apr 2009
    Thanks for the laugh man.

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    thank you. the joke is really nice. it make me laugh very much. i had never heard it before. last of all i like the joke very much

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    Jun 2009
    haha.. yes.. thanks for laugh.. this joke has a long run to go.. never had that kind of laugh.. well, tell you honestly, i really thought she was laughing about the poor BMW or maybe the man's insanity at first.. she's a bit childish though..

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    Registered User jrbassman712's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    hahahah funny joke!
    "If love is a labor, I'll slave 'till the End" umgd

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    Registered User ragasaraswati's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Meh, typical blonde joke with the expected twist at the end. Not bad but...

    Now here's a real joke:

    Two blokes, Tim and Andy, are walking down the street. Suddenly they confront a piece of sh$t lieing down in front of them. Andy comes up with an idea.
    -ANDY: "Hey Tim, you see that sh$t over there, I've got an idea!"
    -TIM: "What's it Andy?"
    -ANDY: "Will you give me 10 bucks if I manage to eat that?"
    -TIM: "I bet you're too much of a chicken, the bet is on!"
    -ANDY: "Watch this! Whooo!"
    -TIM: "Eww, that was gross but earned you 10 bucks, here!"
    They continue walking as nothing had happened when they again meet a dogsh$t. Immediately Tim spoke:
    -TIM: "What if I eat it this time Andy, will you give me 10 bucks."
    -ANDY: "You bet! I wanna see you taste that thing as I did!"
    -TIM: "I'll just swallow, is the best way to do it"
    And eats it!
    -ANDY: "You got the job done, I must get the job done."
    And gives Tim the 10 bucks. They continue walking with everything being as it was when Tim stops sharply and stares at Andy:
    -TIM: "Fuk Andy you kno' what?!
    -ANDY: "What??"
    -TIM: "We ate sh$t for free!"

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    Registered User jrbassman712's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    lol. nice...i enjoyed that. thanks
    "If love is a labor, I'll slave 'till the End" umgd

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    Jul 2009


    Oh **** what a joke man,,,,

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