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Thread: Chicken Foot

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    Sep 2002
    Maryland USA

    Chicken Foot

    I know we have alot of van halen fans, satch fans and chili peppers fans. What do you guys think of this new band Chicken foot? Eric you better chime in on this one.


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    Since 1988 Carvinite's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    the playing is good. but overall I don't like their stuff.

    It just doesn't 'get' me. cool idea though.

    I'm calling it. one album band.

    (now watch them become the phenoms of R-N-r)

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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Yeah, I wrote about that in my blog a while ago. Im actually quite excited to hear it. I dont expect the reinvention of the wheel or something, but I am eager to hear what they come up with (actually, I had a chance to hear two tracks, and I do like it).
    I agree, it prolly wont be an everlasting thing, a lot of those "super groups" split up eventually, but who knows, might be a great soundtrack for the summer, and Im sure there's gonna be some great playing on there. Also, I have a feeling those guys get along well (prolly more so than Sammy and Mike got along on their last albums with VH), so that might influence the music, too.
    Not long until the release, and Ill sure check it out!

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    Registered User SkinnyDevil's Avatar
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    Apr 2004

    I heard a track on the radio and loved it before I knew who it was. That helped tremendously.

    These guys rock!
    David M. McLean
    Skinny Devil Music Lab
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