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Thread: This just in...

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    Feb 2009

    This just in...

    I'm a retired 67 year old ex-advertising guy from Boston who finally has the time to tackle some things on my 'to do' list, e.g.; learning some stride piano pieces.

    I have just posted my first thread on the 'Getting Started' and 'Piano & Keys' forums.

    This looks like a pretty interesting place.

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    Welcome. This is primarily a music theory / guitar forum, however, there are few keyboard players scattered among our ranks.

    Relate to your post. When I retired at 65 I took up the banjo, actually did not take much over a year to hook up with a band. Guitar fit better with the music we played so I transferred over to acoustic/electric guitar and have been playing rhythm guitar with that band for nine years.

    This site drove me to keyboard. I found that theory can be seen and understood on the keyboard, much easier than on a 6 string guitar. So Santa brought me a keyboard for Christmas - a year ago.

    Have settled in with chord accompaniment to my vocals using lead sheet music. Basically the same thing I do with a guitar - I now strum my piano. Enjoy improvisation, playing by rote is not my cup of tea.

    Again, welcome I think you will like it here.
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