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Thread: How do you teach how to count in music?

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    mdecks. LMCYM
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    Nov 2008

    How do you teach how to count in music?

    Rhtythm is a tough subject to teach. Some students get a good grasp of the idea the very class and other never seem to understand what's going on.

    So how do you teach it?

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    Oct 2008
    I think probably one of the best ways is to relate rhythms to a foot tapping up and down. Tell them to tap the foot up and down, then play a note whenever it's down and then progress to harder rhythms. I don't really have experience with teaching this though and could see how some people may find it difficult to understand.

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    Registered User Malcolm's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Deep East Texas Piney Woods
    Will you be doing this in conjunction with standard notation note duration, if so tie it to time signatures and let the student fill specific measures (on paper), i.e. utilizing 1/4, half, whole notes plus rests.

    If not in conjunction with standard notation as with tab and fake chord -- good luck.

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    Mar 2009
    A friend of mine who teaches swears by this "EarMaster Pro" software training thing. I don't have the website, but I'm sure you can Google it. I tried the trial for a bit, and I can see why he liked it. From basic to advanced.

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    Aug 2005
    Take the student out for a walk and use walking motion as a metronome
    every step being 1 beat ! It works !

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    Apr 2009
    Santa Rosa
    I think that perceiving rhythm is a lot more complicated than just counting or tapping your foot. IMO, the student needs to really understand what the overall rhythm is that is repeated throughout the song. Sometimes this is not so intuitive for a beginner. I always felt that if we had videos of someone playing the student's song, they could better understand what is going on by repetitively studying the video.

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    Also, it is not only tough to teach Rhythm, but it is also difficult to understand or study on. I never been good music student when I was in high school.

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