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Thread: Howdy from the "Oldtime" world !

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    Wink Howdy from the "Oldtime" world !

    I play with a local Old-time group (even get paid occassionally ;-) and have been playing guitar for over 30 years. Familiar with many styles but specialize in flatpicking Oldtime and Irish fiddle tunes -- styles of Doc Watson, Clarence White, etc. but, over the years, I have begun to listen more closely to banjo pickers and fiddlers than to guitarists. Pretty extensive oldtime repertoire. If you are not familiar with Old Time -- think soundtracks of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", "Cold Mountain", etc. Tunes are generally 19th century and before. Bluegrass groups do a lot of Oldtime breakdowns also.

    I also have a significant interest in the history of these tunes and the times they come from. So I tell those stories during breaks when we play.

    I'm interested in teaching and would like any advice / comments on the potential market for this kind of music.
    Also -- any advice on what has worked for you in building a teaching practice ?

    Thanx !

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    Registered User Malcolm's Avatar
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    Welcome, I'm one of the old guys. Liked your comment about getting paid some of the time. Started on 5 string banjo years ago, however, if I'm playing banjo now it's 4 string show tunes and old Dixie. I've taken the 5th string off and have my banjo guitar tuned. Acoustic guitar and keyboard have my attention right now.

    Not sure how many of us teach, but, most have been or are now with an instructor.

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    Banjo Pickers Rock

    Hey -- the world needs more banjo pickers ! I sometimes think I learn more interesting guitar licks by listening to banjo than any other way. I would learn to play banjo if I weren't financially challenged at the moment ;-)

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