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Thread: New blog with FREE blues and jazz guitar lessons

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    Dec 2008

    New blog with FREE blues and jazz guitar lessons

    Go to www.bluesandjazzguitar.blogspot.com

    I have posted free lessons and I update them consistantly.

    Have fun. Leave comments or suggestions.



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    book marked. Looks good!

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    Looks good Robert!
    I'll be checking back!!

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    FREE arrangement of Smoke gets in your eyes TAB

    Hi all,
    I've been busy posting new free lessons and arrangements on my blog: www.bluesandjazzguitar.blogspot.com I'm adding an arrangement of mine of the Jerome Kern classic "Smoke gets in your eyes". I had the entire arrangement up but it wasn't in TAB. Now I'm posting it in TAB. Check out all the other freebies there too.
    Remember if you want to see any kind of guitar related lessons or exercises leave a comment in the blog...I'll get it, and I'll post the lesson and make a refrence to you!
    I wish you all happy holidays,

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    victoria bc,canada

    extended solo

    great video lesson on utube,go to,(blue bossa extended solo);utube...this guys got a few great links,that really help...

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