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Thread: How to transcribe music???

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    I think a lot of pros forget how hard it is to transcribe when you are just starting out. I like to begin with just my ear, and then later like to confirm what I thought I heard with software. PitchScope (www.creativedetectors.com) works well for that. Not only will PitchScope slow down music and keep the pitch in the right octave, but it will recognize the notes in a musical solo, record them to a note list, and present them in a graphic editor where I can clean up my transcription and save it to disk.

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    Well, I too is thinking to learn transcribing. True transcribing need a lot of practice to make it. I am not surprise if it is so hard to transcribe a Music, you should be familiar with the tune so you can give the right notes.

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    Go slow. If you know what you're doing you should be fine. Remember, a second of music is worth quite an amount of ink.

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