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Thread: Strickly Recording Techniques

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    Lightbulb Strickly Recording Techniques

    I am a music production student and I have the task of recording Electronic/Experimental music, next week sometime. The composer wants to send the sounds through a amplifier and he works with a lot of tape manipulators and distortion units that he has created himself. I trying to think of ways of recording him, specially the distortion. Does anyone have any experience in recording such tracks? I was thinking of using a mixture of close micing and room mics that capture the natural resonance and reverb within the room. I am just a little worried that I wont be able to capture the harsh sounds well with typical microphones. We have a large range of microphones, so I will probably go for large diaphragm mics, but just not sure about positioning.

    Any ideas?

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    I suggest that you read the strictly thread rules, and consider posting such questions posting in the Ibreath cafe.

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    Oh okay, sorry, I am new.

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    The only recording that i have experience was during my computer graphics class we recorded our voice and a background music with the use of a multimedia software, maybe it will also work on with what you are planning. I hope so.

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