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Thread: Help me find SAD/DEPRESSING SONGS!!!!!

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    manifold di amour by latin playboys

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    Anything by David Bazan, especially the album Curse Your Branches

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    Helloooo :)

    I'd have to say Snuff by Slipknot might be one of the most depressing things I've ever heard

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    Clearly you guys forgot the WHOLE entire Skillet album Comatose. It's basically about suicide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr@sh View Post

    I have a mission, I absoultely love sad or depressing songs, the type of songs that make u cry, and I'd like to compile a list of all the sad songs i can possibaly find! To do this i'm gonna need some help, so thats why i'm here, if you have a/some sad songs to suggest, Please post them, I'd be glad to investigate. SO PLEASE POST ANY SAD/DEPRESSING SONGS HERE!!! Thankyou.
    Gee, I think every song that Merle Haggard ever wrote was sad and depressing.

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    my suggestions off the top of my head

    much by the cult post-punk uk band The Chameleons, who i adore.
    ESPECIALLY 'The Healer' which appears to be about somebody dying & theres nothing you can do..one of the most gloriously anthemic depressing songs ever. You can get it on youtube. That's

    The Healer -The Chameleons


    The Bed -Lou Reed

    'This is the place where she lay her head, where she went to bed at night,
    This is the place our children were conceived, candles lit the room at night..
    And this is the place, where she cut her wrists, that odd & fateful night..
    And i said, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, what a feeling..."

    Also, almost every song from Bjorks ultra-sad musical 'Dancer in the Dark'. Especially the theme song, from album 'Selma songs'.

    Also, how about another anthemic rousing gloomy ballad:

    Ocean Rain by Echo & the Bunnymen.

    'Carly's Song' by Enigma, from The Cross of Changes album always sends shivers up my spine. I used to play it a lot over a lost lover.
    'Carly, don't be sad, life is crazy, life is mad, dont be afraid..'
    and all in the bqackground was this gloriously wailing woman wailing sorrowfully in perfect tune.

    Also check out the glorously gloomy 16th or 17th century british composer John Dowland, who wrote gorgeous words to beautiful tunes for voice, lute & viol. Usually a singular vocalist:

    "False world farewell, false world farewell, the enemy to rest
    Now do, now do thy worst, i do not weigh thy spite.
    Free from thy cares thy cares
    Free from thy cares thy cares, i live forever blessed..
    Enjoying peace, enjoying peace & heaven's true delight.
    And thus i leave..and thus i leave, i leave, i leave
    Thy hopes, thy joys, untrue!
    And thus, and thus vain world, again, adieu."

    And also a contemporary of his, John Danyel, less well-known, wrote about 22 equally gorgeously miserable songs & you have to hear them. Great great stuff for the most sorrowful of moods. Like the saddest ever minstrel songs..

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    oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

    "And this is the room..where she took the Razor..
    and CUT HER WRISTS, that strange & fateful night..
    And i said, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, what a FEEEL-inggg
    And i said, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, what a FEEEL-ingggg..."

    (The Bed -Lou Reed)
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    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Chim_Chim
    Be different.

    Do it for the OATMEAL.

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    Maybe "Let me fall in love" - Marketa Irglova <3

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    Chech out The Final Cut by Pink Floyd, the greater part of the collection is really miserable yet the title track is a genuine wrist slasher.

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    whole album is fantastic

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