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Thread: Nervous

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    How do you guys relieve your nerves? What do you concentrate on or think about rather than focusing on flubbing??

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    Do you mean in Live performance? Or just in general everyday life?

    When I first played live I was too young to care. So the idea of nerves never entered anyone's head.

    Later I started doing a PhD and had speak about my research work at an international conference of scientists. I knew the work backwards, and fortunately it was also a very interesting and somewhat esoteric subject (I knew most chemists in the audience wouldn't understand my maths). But whether by luck or judgement, that first big talk went perfectly, and I got a lot of compliments from very senior scientists. That gave me a lot of confidence in public performances, and I never had any problems with performances or presentations after that.

    But, I always made sure I knew my stuff really well before going public.

    2:cents .


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    I only get nervous if I don't genuinely like the music. Then, I have time to screw up by overthinking it. If I really like it, and am very familiar with it, then I am able to play it. Of course, I tend to practice what I like more, so it is all a side-effect of confidence born of practice, I suppose.
    "If a child learns which is jay and which is sparrow, he'll no longer see birds nor hear them sing."

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    eh, i get nervous whenever i play a gig. but the feeling will subside after the first 2 songs max.

    Man, everyone gets nervous. The only way to prevent nervousness is to practice away and get your material down. build confidence in your playing.

    and have a smoke.

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    I can't help too much because I don't get nervous anymore. I'm always at my best live, so I just get out there and have the time of my life. I guess my advice to you would be is just don't worry about it, have fun man!

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    Sep 2008
    Jack and Coke works for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryjstar89
    Jack and Coke works for me!
    I thought you played country music...

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    Being nervous is a common problem among performing artists. It has manifold effects, ranging from memory disturbances and apprehensive thoughts to physical symptoms such as trembling and nausea. Whether you are standing in front of a large group of frowning managers or proposing a new idea to a group of people you know well, it can suddenly hit you..All of a sudden, your throat dries up..You can beat stage fright by taking the focus off yourself..

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    Go to the toilit right before your preformace
    Close your eyes and take slow breaths through your nose and out your mouth
    Feel the music

    I'm no expert to prefroming but anytime I play a song I love and know well thats when I focus and do best. Be as prepared as you can and remember to focus on what you enjoy doing, not what you have trouble doing

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    Butterflies are a fact of life. Great thing about butterflies is they get the adrenaline flowing which help you perform. So --- welcome butterflies just don't let them take control.

    How do you do that. It's the P word. To get better at anything you have to practice till you are convinced you can do this thing that is causing you problems.

    Dale Carnegie said to know 100 times more about the subject you will speak on than your audiance. Like crossroads said; "... I always made sure I knew my stuff really well before going public".

    Good luck.
    Last edited by Malcolm; 04-17-2009 at 03:42 AM.

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    Just think youve done it a million times before. It shouldnt be any different.

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