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Thread: Absolute Pitch problems

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    Absolute Pitch problems

    I'm doing Masterclass 23 ( David LB ) ( Which means that I'm polishing my 'Absolute Pitch' technique ). I can name any tone within 0.5 seconds and two harmonic tones in 1 - 1.5 seconds.

    However, I feel like I'm not using AP to identify all the tones. There are actually only two tones that I think I know completely by ear and that is because of tunes that start with them. The rest of the tones seem to come to me at a superspeed through relative pitch.

    These 'worries' might be unnecessary, perhaps I just need to take more time and listen to the individual tones?

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    AFAIK, any way of you naming that tone through absolute pitch is good. As long as you don't use rely on "vocal strain pitch" (is that the proper name?) and use a combination of absolute and relative pitch, it should be good. Eventually, all the notes will come naturally, I guess. Not that I have PP, but that's the way I understood Burge teaches it.

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    Thanks for the feedback. You're probably right. I've been testing myself a little with ToneQuiz now. I get one tone wrong in about 100. ( 1 tone at a time played for a second ).

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