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Thread: What makes music sound good?

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    I think the most important thing in music is the groove. When everybody knows where the beat is, you can each stretch it out in different ways to create a deep pocket.

    I don't think it is what is played but what is implied that makes a difference as well. Sometimes silence makes the music sound good
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    #1 rhythm

    #2 the perfect amount of dissonance

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    tension and resolution

    what makes music "sound good", is probably one of those questions that could start an arguement between any 2 people, but i would say its down to a couple of things. Firstly a song needs to flow from tension to resolution in an organised, or deliberate manner. Tension and resolution are a musicians main tools, as music is basicaly atmosphere. There other you need to look at wave forms to understand. For example the reason certain notes sound like they work together and others dont, is the length of their wave forms. As a quick example, one note, played an octave apart, will have a wave length half the distance as the first.

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