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Thread: Neoclassical

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    So I love neoclassical metal. Yngwie, Jason Becker, etc. I can play leads and solos in that style, but I'm having trouble writing the rhythms for it. I know the chords that go with the scales (natural minor, Harmonic minor, melodic minor) So do you guys have any advice.

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    Hi JL_Shredder!

    I don't really have much knowledge of that genre. But I suggest that you study some neo-classical songs and try to figure out the idea behind each chord. A diminished scale will be used on a certain type of chord and the harmonic scale often over the V7-chord, or dominant seven.

    If you know you're theory you will soon get the hang of it I believe, otherwise it might take a while but it wont be impossible

    Hope this lame answer helps!

    Cheers //The Swede
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