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Thread: Standard notation / tab software question

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    Registered User Malcolm's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
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    Standard notation / tab software question

    I have been using Tabedit (free demo version) and want to step up to a full version. Would appreciate your opinion on the full version of Tabedit and then any other software you may be using. I'm only familiar with Tabedit, and I'm sure there are many other software packages available. Appreciate your comments. I want to end up being able to work in and print standard notation, tab, chords for progression and lyrics.

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    Sep 2007
    Guitar Pro 5 FTW, it is so much better than any other tab/s.n software.

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    Laiho's heir guitarist wild_child's Avatar
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    Agreed, Guitar Pro is the best i've used, although I haven't used Tabedit.

    Guitar pro lets you create several simultaneous tracks and each instrument's part is notated seperately. Very useful for when I'm sending out a new song to the band! It also allows you to compose drums and percussion, which is a big plus. I write drum parts in there, then export the midi into cubase and play them through ezdrummer.

    It will do all the things you mentioned. Of course this program isn't free either, but its one of the best software investments I've made.
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