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Thread: Classical guitar shred?

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    Classical guitar shred?

    I was wondering....is it possible to employ techniques such as sweeping,legato and alternate picking on a classical guitar?I also want to know if there are any resources from where i can find flamenco related things.

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    Registered User ernzzz's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    i think sweep and alternate picking, will sound good.
    legato might be a bit harder, specially from the third note on, i guess you need a very nice technique and a nice guitar for this..

    btw i am not a flamenco player, but i will tell you this, if you want to play real and traditional flamenco, you cant do it with a pick.. never!

    it is a whole independent aproach to the guitar, both in its technique, and the notes played, its harmonies, and the cultural tradition behind..

    although i am not arguin that one can sound flamenco'ish or arabic playing determinate scales or chords...
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    Registered User Obivion's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Yes, all skills usable on a normal guitar can be used on a classical guitar. However, classical guitars are designed to be played with the fingers, which is why they have nylon strings and a wider fretboard. Access to higher frets is limited making higher sweeps difficult.

    The classical guitar has its own techniques such as rasqueado which allow the same effects to achieved with fingers as through using a pick. If you want to find out more, buy a book on flamenco from a music shop, or google it.

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