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Thread: 8 year old kid blew my mind

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    realizing dreams
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    Oct 2005
    Haha, no way man, no one will ever play like Shawn Lane, ever!
    I'm not only speaking of the technical aspect, but his tone, feel and knowledge. Shawn is an angel from heaven (in a human body) and he could also play the piano like crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyPollow
    ive seen child virtuosos younger than 8 on piano and violin but i think it is because alot of parents dont understand or aprove of electric guitar so it is rare.
    Apparently its quite an unusual phenomenon.The ratio of players on electric guitar to the amount that actually achieve a level of virtuosity on the instrument. Check this site:


    pretty cool. He's trying to figure out the science behind shred and how the few manage to get to that level...

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