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Thread: Starting to sing

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    Feb 2007

    Starting to sing

    Hey out there

    Well, when I play at our high school there is no male singers, so I would like to have a decent vocal. Just for the rehearsals and for writing my own tunes.
    Is there anyways to train you singing with out a teacher? Because my voice is terrible, believe me, I could kill my cat with my voice
    Can I practice it at home or anything? :P
    If you have any books or something it much appreciated :P


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    Mar 2007
    i came across this learn how to sing program a while ago... you can do it from home like you wanted...


    i haven't tried it out personally but it looks decent for the money.
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    Wow, it looks like im a few years late... anyways, I've just started singing a few months ago, and I've made a ton of progress. I continue to practice each and every day and I can see how much im improving. I really enjoy singing now and i've learned a lot from the internet.

    If you still havent started yet, I recommend you start singing. It will be tough to practice daily, but once you get into the routine, you'll become addicted.
    Also, I created a page breaking down the most important tips about introductory singing, practicing and reading information online

    good luck and report back within a few months and let us all know how much you've improved!

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