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Thread: hey guys!!

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    Apr 2007

    Cool hey guys!!


    I'm from the maldives and its been like 2 years since i started playing. Right now i play for a death metal band but i'm not too good with the guitar yet coz i've learned everything i know on my own so i look forward to learning new stuff here...

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    Imyan Imyan's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Male', Maldives.

    You came to the right place

    Hi Hilarl,

    It'll be a matter a minutes and the people hear will guide you and help you in all your guitar problems.

    Right now I'm doing the exercises in Eric Vandenberg's "The Art Of Picking Part 1". Check it out...
    I know you like shred a lot... check out Eric's article about shred also introducing us Thorsten Koehne, a guitar virtuoso who is left handed and plays a right handed guitar without even turning the strings around... so he basically plays an upside down guitar... amaziung huh?

    Anyway there are tons of stuff here and they can even recommend books and DVDs for you...

    I've been recommended the Paul Gilbert's DVDs and also some books from a guy I didn't even know of, called Guthrie Govan... so you see... you get exposed to more material and many other musicians, which of course helps in your guitar education.

    So have fun... and introduce more Maldivian guitarist to this site... cause we don't get much of anything about guitars or lessons or Books or DVDs here in Maldives...

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    Thanks man, I think my next holiday will definitely be at the Maldives!

    Keep rockinī!!!

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    Modally Challenged!!!! mattblack850's Avatar
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    At the bottom of another Bottle of Brown Ale.
    Welcome aboard guys!!! Catch you around in the forums!
    Do a search for Guthrie on Youtube.....there's quite a lot of stuff foor him including a couple of jams with 'Bumblefoot'!!!

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