Hey guys!
I am a 19 year old guitar player, severely lacking in theory and constantly using bad technique. Despite this, my heroes are the virtuosos of shred guitar, particularly John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert and more recently Rusty Cooley.

I've taken 12 guitar lessons during the summer when I was 14; sad to say, I didn't learn anything except alternate picking and palm muting. Zilch about theory. I didn't even learn power chords until much later.

Right now, I am still a below average player with an underdeveloped ear. I am currently trying to make a decision if I should spend my money on a new guitar or guitar lesson DVDs. Unfortunately, I cannot afford an actual teacher at the moment so I'm trying to learn via the videos. The only current video I have is Petrucci's Rock Discipline which has some good exercises and warm-ups but almost next to no theory. I have been doing some research and I will a post a topic about what I've found in the future.

So you guys can expect a LOT of questions from me about theory and guitar lesson DVDs.

Thanks and more power to the board!