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Thread: shredding and shredders

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    Registered User MetallicTheatre's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    hey dudes,
    i only just dicovered this thread so Im a bit behind so forgive me if im adressing points a few pages back.
    Every one accuses Michael Angelo of being mindless zombie lacking soul, who is only capable of shredding, Hanzo Hattori
    stated that he liked angelos melodies a few pages back (sorry) and i have to agree, no boundaries (aka speed kills) and Yngwie cant touch this have great melodies, and I believe he does have soul and rythm in his playing. Also while we're on M.A. ive seen pictures of angelos double guitar but I dont know how he plays it, by that i mean does he shred on one and harmonize with the other or does one hand play rhythm?
    ok and now to the last part, does anyone agree that no matter how hard people try, no1 will make a better shred song than Speed Metal Symphony?

    Regards Aaron

    PS. If you got bored reading my fairly long post, sorry again.

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    He´s able to play both right and lefthanded. When he play´s on both guitars he basically does some harmonizied hammer on/ pull off licks as well as playing some classical stuff were he plays the bass line on one guitar and the melodie on the other.

    Absolutely agree on "Speed Metal Symphony"! The whole album is like one big solo. I think both "Speed Metal Symphony" and "Go Off" haven´t been toped as far as guitar overkill and shredding goes. There´s some wonderful, mindboggling music on there. Two geniuses at their best!

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    Registered User punkerton's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    hey.. i thought michael angelo was also one of the ninja turtles?
    heehee... my thoughts on shredding.. i've been playing for about 2 years and i cant do any of that fast stuff cos i suck but i guess i'll just have to practise and get to that stage one day!
    at the moment im focusing on chords and theory stuff, not so much technique. im also attempting songwriting and its not going well im sure you dont really care.. but there ya go.
    "...the fire tomorrow is born of the night, in darkness together we ignite..." -AFI

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    Registered User tom_hogan's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    its all about expression dudes

    satches expression is blues licks played very quick micheal anglos is playing anything real quick

    so ****ing what if he doesnt phrase thats his choice but u cant deny his technique

    its all about expression and perception

    curt kobain?? perception (millions aspire to him he is a guita god in his own right)and thats how he expressed himself

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