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Thread: Eric V: Do you play any jazz?

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    Jazz'nRock'nBlues'nFolk.. paularve's Avatar
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    Dec 2002
    Molde, Norway

    Eric V: Do you play any jazz?

    Hey Eric,
    I was just wondering if you have any experience playing jazz... (Yeah, I ask since you've got long hair and all that! ) And what kind of jazz do you like to listen to?

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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Hi there,

    Jazz, huh ? Hmmm, well, regarding my experiences with Jazz...
    A few years after I started playing, I listened to a lot of Jazz. Pretty much everything I could get my hands on. ( And believe me, some of that stuff was not really my Cup of tea", but I didnīt wanna admit that cuz I thought I simply didnīt understand it )

    Listening to that stuff sure changed my way of using a fakebook, which I used to practice sight-reading back then. My phrasing and improvising became a bit more appropiate

    Anyway, at the GIT, I was introduced to more jazz-music and sure played some, too.
    I still sometimes enjoy to play some, like when jamming with others, and sometimes I occasionally play jobs where I play jazz, like big band stuff or fusion. ( and I like those jobs too )
    But I guess I would not be considered a "real" jazz-player. Maybe someday in the future... =)

    Currently, I especially enjoy bebop and cool jazz, such as old Miles Davis-records. In February, I listened to nothing else but "Kind Of Blue" for almost a whole week. This is IMHO a good starting-point anyway to get into jazz...

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