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Thread: Anyone heard of Shooter Jennings?

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    Anyone heard of Shooter Jennings?

    He's a country artist and also son of the legendary Waylon Jennings. I heard some cool news about him at work at umgd so I thought I'd share. He's coming out with this live album "Live at Irving Plaza 4.18.06" this October. I've heard his first two albums and I really enjoyed them but I've NEVER had a chance to see him live and I've heard he's an amazing performer. I'm really excited to hear what he's like live, and who knows, if I like it I might be goin to one of his shows soon. Anyone been to one of his shows or heard about this album?

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    IMHO, I don't know what the hype is about Shooter. Ive seen him on a couple of late nite shows (Letterman being one).He sings out of tune live but sounds ok on the albums. Sound's like he's going after a country/grunge thing, and it'll probably work for him. He is listenable. But it seems like everyone is gushing over him like the second coming-Though I'm sure his success is helped a lot by the fact his father was a country legend. He'll be the "trendy" thing to listen to like John Mayer and Ryan Adams were. And he'll fade into the background (but not out of existence) like those two have among the "trendy" listening public (which unfortunately seems to be the majority). Sorry I'm so sour on this. I just feel that there are more artists that deserve recognition.
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    Sounds like a Shooter promo to me...

    Thread closed.

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