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Thread: I'm Lost

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    Sex Ninja
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    Sep 2006
    Seattle, WA
    no and no
    Can you hear me, now that I'm dead ?

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    iBreatheMusic Modthor phantom's Avatar
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    Following the changes
    Well.. what was your intention to practice arpeggios and scales fast and accurate if you can't use them?

    You should take a look at scales and their structure and how chords are build from them first in my opinion.
    How triads are formed, why there is major and minor and so on.

    Please read this article here about scales and their construction:
    Things will be clearer after it i guess.

    Good idea to get a teacher, in this case it will be easier for him to explain things as others could over the net.

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    Sex Ninja
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    Sep 2006
    Seattle, WA
    well thanks for the help. I will defintely read that article
    Can you hear me, now that I'm dead ?

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    Feb 2005
    I understand your situation, Aeolian. Back when I got my guitars some years back, I was crazy about learning to emulate my favourite artists. I read about guitar tuning, and that's it I think. From then on, I pushed the play button for the desired songs, and tried my best at playing what I heard. I had a great spark, and I hit some notes, missed some too of course. At this time I knew no theory at all. I just learned the melodies I heard. Then I think I moved on a bit and had a look at a few scales, like the popular Pentatonic one. I chose the Pentatonic Minor, however, as it suited perfectly the sound I had in mind. From this point on, I again played like a mad man, without learning more theory, and after a while I was able to improvise quite a bit, at least using the Pentatonic scale.

    Anyway, at one point I decided I wanted to have a look at theory, more in-depth. It was like I got an addiction, I learnt how to form a major scale, how to decide for the chords to use, I read about modes, harmony lines, modulation etc. And let me tell you, after reading about it, all of what I have been playing earlier made sense. I understood what I've been doing ("Ah, so THAT's why that phrase sound like it does!" etc).

    Now, there are several ways of approaching this. Maybe, if I knew theory from the beginning on, I'd automatically follow the "theoretically correct" path, and missed some interesting/experimental ideas which developed, partly because of my lack of knowledge. On the other hand, if I knew more theory, I presume I'd spend less time on trial and error. Hence, I'd be able to move on faster.

    It's an interesting discussion, but when I think about it now, I'd never sacrifice the theory knowledge. It is VERY useful, both for composing and playing. I'll admit I struggle at thinking about theory when playing at higher speed levels. That's a challenge, but maybe it'll come on day.

    As a final recommendation; I'd suggest you to read up on the major scale. How to form it - and then take it from there.

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