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Thread: David Lucas Burge's Perfect and Relative Pitch courses

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    Feb 2013
    Yeah I got discouraged when he said that. I want to develop Perfect Pitch within 4 years. My teacher actually has a good ear. He plays jazz and classical piano and he spends time transcribing off recordings, so he knows what he's talking about. That's actually my question in my other thread (How long does it take to develop Perfect Pitch) and no one gave a single answer.

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    This is a mysterious website. I have a lot of views, but not a lot of answers. It is kind of insulting to me, I felt like I'm being ignored or people giving me the silent treatment. I post a lot of threads, which are supposed to be for open discussion, but they probably don't like the OP so zero replies.

    It is kind of weird, I post the same exact thread on a different website and I get responses. The advantage of this website is that since no one replies, I end up making a daily log in my practice so I can keep track.

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    So long as people read it I'm happy.

    I can assure you that you can get PP well within 4 years. Just because he has a good ear doesn't mean anything. It's whether or not he understands the process. I've had piano teachers with PP who think you can't learn it and others who are very flippant about it, like "why would you even need it? don't bother". Then I've had other teachers who don't have PP but have great ears as they are jazz musicians and some think it's good and bad. The thing is it's such a fringe topic that not many people truly understand it.

    When you understand it everything makes sense. You have to gradually open up your ears awareness of "colour" (a better word to use would be flavour or quality). Day by day you hear slightly more and more, until you hear it all. But it certainly wouldn't take 4 years. I'm one of the slow ones and within 6months of properly going through each exercise EXACTLY to the letter I moved on to Phase 2 (MC13).

    I think you can do it. It is a worthy goal. As much as some people think it's not needed, you know if you need it for yourself. I know I do. I want to go to the park and write music inspired by nature. I want to improvise everything I hear in my head. Relative pitch alone will not allow me to modulate in and out of keys quickly and spontaneously, or transcribe bird song or a tune 5mins before the gig. Yes you can practice these things but jumping tonalities is a lot i much easier if you just think in terms of the key/chord itself, rather than the relationship. Say you're playing in G and you hear that Bmaj chord you want to move to, you just do it without calculating the interval. I wouldn't care much for using the flavours of the tones to compose music. I want it more for the freedom it allows. You can play with pure emotion and feeling without being stuck on 'which chord do I want next'. You will hear it and know it, simple as that.

    Blanche why do you want PP?


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    Mar 2017
    I am looking for a little bit of the material on his perfect pitch discs. I purchased the whole system but a few discs were damaged in the flood.

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    Apr 2017
    I want to say thank you to jazzmaniac for sharing their experience with David Lucas Burge.

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