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Thread: Is the Passion gone?

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    Mar 2005

    Is the Passion gone?

    This post will be quite a different one than my normal "technical-question" posts, in that way that I'm not asking a question in this one but just like to talk about " an experience" I'm going through right now.

    Well, I started playing guitar 3 years ago and fell completely in love with the instrument. For the next 2 and a half years I practiced about 3 to 4 hours a day and started to get quite good. Almost all my life turned around the electric guitar and music in general. I collected magazines, books, videos, and spent all my money on the instrument. I didn't have a girlfriend nor a very social life, but I didn't even noticed that too much.(of course I did like to check out chiks but i just didn't want to have a girlfriend)
    Also, since I was the typical bedroom shredder, my friends were listening to Franz Ferdinand and U2, while I was listening to PG, Satch, Vai and Petrucci. So I didn't have too much people to talk about my favorite music.

    Now, this year , my interest started to get away from the guitar only...
    I'm having a girlfriend, love sciences and I'm spending more time with friends than ever before. So the guitar isn't THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life any more., and I'm having the feeling as though the passion is gone a bit. I'm still playing every day but the time of hard discipline ( working hours with the metronome) is gone, I'm mostly jamming nowadays.
    Also, next year, I'm going to study civil engineering here in Belgium and I probably won't have that much time too play anymore.
    I just hope I will keep playing the guitar during the rest of my life and will be able to combine it with all the others imortant things in my life.

    thanks 4 reading this article, it was just imortant for me to write about how i felt my "guitarship" was developing over the 3 years.


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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Hey there
    Itīs not really an unusual thing, a lot of people go through that, some temporarily, some quit at some point. And I donīt think there is anything wrong with that... if the things that interest you more and make you happy, then thatīs great !
    Itīs important not to get caught in some guild-trip, where you think "Damn, I should pick up the guitar, I NEED to..." whatever.
    If you donīt feel like it, if there are other things you enjoy to do more, or occupy your time, then it would be wrong ( IMO ) to force yourself. Doing so would probably end up with you associating negative feelings with the guitar, as youīre on some guild-trip.

    Some of the change of priorities in your life might revolve around what you refer to as "bedroom shredding"
    You see, doing that, working on your chops at home, is great. But usually, it wonīt keep you happy forever. Playing in a band, or recording actual music, getting your music out to people is equally important, and can add a great amount of motivation.
    ( as youīre actually working on something else, and applying what you worked on ).
    Sure, in some cases itīs hard to find people to start a band with, depending on where you live.
    I have met some people who only practiced to learn songs theyīd play with their band. One guy told me that, after his band split up and he wasnīt able to start another one soon, he didnīt feel inspired / motivated anymore at all, so he actually stopped playing, focussing on other good things in life.
    There is nothing wrong with that. Some people are content shredding in their room for years and years, other feel themselves losing interest if there is no "next step" ( as in "a band", "a gig"... ) so they quit... usually not in a straight step ( "OK, itīs over NOW" ), but slowly playing / practicing less and less.
    As I said, IMO there is nothing wrong with that, and itīs a helluva lot better than feeling bad about it and forcing yourself to play even if you donīt really feel like it at all. That might work sometimes ( if it gets you back into it, motivates you again etc, ) but is a bad idea in most cases.
    Donīt force yourself, see what happens. Maybe youīll get back into it sometime in the future, but if for now, you just donīt feel like it, well, so be it !

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    Jul 2006
    I have gone through periods like this as well. The one thing that I have always done is to make sure my guitar is in a spot where I have to walk by it a few times a day. I never put it away in the case under the bed. I may quit playing for a few weeks sometimes even a month, but I almost always pick her up and jam for a few minutes when I walk by.

    Since music is not the way I make my living...or likely to ever be this is fine. Currently I'm back playing 2 hours or so a day and planning on building a home recording studio. Next year I may be bored with it again.

    Oh about the girlfriend. Don't worry eventually you will probably use the guitar as an excuse for not having to hang out with her! :-)


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    Jan 2004
    Yorkshire, England
    I had the same issue about six or so months ago, and I have it fixed now. The problem was that I assumed that as a guitar player, I should be practicing a lot to improve my technique, . I could usually start it off for a week or two, but then I just got really demotivated, and it got to a point where I didn't play for a month or two out of sheer frustration and demotivation with the instrument.

    I came to realise that just because I'm a guitar player, doesn't mean I have to share a goal that many guitarists share, which is to dedicate a lot of time to it and become truly proficient at the instrument. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to play like Emmanuel, or Timmons, but for me, I don't want it enough to warrant me putting time and work in to reach that; playing guitar is for me, nothing but a hobby. As soon as I realised this, I relaxed a great deal, and started playing again, simply because I felt no pressure; I didn't feel mad at myself if I didn't play for a week or two. I just play when I feel like it.

    What's quite ironic, and funny at the same time, is that now I have realised this, I play a lot more. And this increase in consistent playing has actually helped me begin to develop my technique further.

    The hardest part of all that, was coming to terms with the fact that I'd never be on par with my favourates, but after a while it sunk in. When I picked up the guitar, I picked it up incredibly fast, and developed some good AP chops quite early, for one who had been playing a short time. I know that if I had it in me to practice hard, I'd be a very competent (technically) player by now. Same as if I started developing my chops now. I have the potential, just not the passion.

    But I have no regrets at all. I'm happy, after all, playing guitar is just a hobby for me.

    I'll disagree with you for the sake of being contraversial.

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    IbreatheMusic Author Bizarro's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Priorities change. I think it happens to everyone. I recently had about a 5 year run where I played quite a bit. I didn't get my super 80s chops back but I had fun. BUt this summer I have barely played my guitars for nearly 2 months. I'm not really worried about it and my band has taken the summer off from gigging. I'm sure I'll be rusty when things get back into swing but ... who cares?
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    Jan 2006
    Jerusalem, "Right next door to hell"
    Hi, guys. I couldn't think of any place better to write this but it must be written somwhere. I never appriciated the fact that I can create music as much as I should have. A couple of hours ago I found out that my "mythological" (everybody has one, i think...) is engaged to be maried. In a few words that doesnt make me a happy guitar player... Im not a bad guy it's just that I feel very strongly about her. ANYWAY, when I come to think of it right know I understand that in every ****ty point of in my life the most dominant thing that kept me goin' is music. music that we create and music that we like listening to. It is so intence that I'm not sure where (and if) I would have been by now without it.
    I can imagine that this is a very strange post, but I had to take it out of my system...

    So maybe the passion fades a little with time. But the guitar and music generaly will always be there for you. Maybe professionaly it doesnt suit everyone but in moments like i'm having right now, because I'm not that kind of a person that will express his emotions - I can express them through my guitar and suddenly all the sit doesnt stink as it used to. And thats after I didnt touch her for three months.
    "He's got all it takes to become a musician - the abscence of money and sence of responsibility..."

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