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Thread: Timing & rhythm

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    Timing & rhythm

    Hey you guys! you know... I have read some articles by Eric Vandenberg on this site, and I think they are awesome!! but I don't really know how to practice my timing, my rhythm. How to practice that? maybe some exercises? maybe some links? Maybe Eric will tell me? Are you there Eric? it's me Peter ;d

    Please answer Robak

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    One word: metronome.

    People always seem to resist it, but in the end, there's no better way. Play quarter notes, eighth notes, swing eights, sixteenths, triplets, etc. A good place to start is just scales and stuff, or those finger pattern exercises (i.e. 1234, 4321, 1324, etc).

    Also very helpful is learning to read rythmic notation. Even if you don't learn standard notation (which I DO recommend), you'll get a lot from it - trust me on this. I have a few books with strumming patterns in them from all kinds of styles. Practicing sight-reading them along with a metronome is really helping my rhythmic skills. Also useful is being able to write down rhythms that I hear - I suck at it, but I'm getting better.

    Either way, I've noticed I get WAY better results far quicker if I practice with the metronome, and my timing gets better and better. Something about the 'click' helps condition your brain properly, I think.

    Hope that helps,

    "Whaddya mean DYNAMICS?! I'm playing as loud as I can!"

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