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Thread: 1986 Carvin LB60 in need of repair

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    1986 Carvin LB60 in need of repair

    So I got a 1986 Carvin LB60 from a friend a few days ago as a project bass. It's still in decent condition except for the fact that it doesn't have any pickups, one tone/volume knob, and rarely any electronics in it at all. So my question of course is how do I go about getting this up and playing? I've been to Carvin's site and looked at the bass electronic's kits they offer but is that all I need to get it to work? Also, what kind of pickups can I put in it? There are two "slots" for pickups. Any ideas?

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    No gear related talk here bud..It's all about the music. You'd probably have better luck asking over at the vai.com message boards.
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    You might try here for the answers you're after.

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    Thanks you guys. This thread has been closed.

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