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Thread: Warming up

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    Feb 2006

    Warming up

    How do you guys warm up before practicing and for how long?

    I find it difficult warming up for more than 3 minutes, and I just usually play a bunch of chords and do some random legato.

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    Aug 2004
    I usually sing a few standards, or other songs, and accompany myself with chords that don't take much effort and I don't have to think about too much. After a few songs it starts getting more active and from that it kind of progresses into practicing more specifics.

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    Jul 2004

    My default warmup is Mike Campese's "Paganini Caprice #16 Part I" that can be found here: http://www.ibreathemusic.com/article/92


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    I talk to spiders... CaptainCaveman's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    I usually start off with some Jazz chords in II-V-I progressions, gradually becoming more difficult. Then I run through some cromatic exercises, in open position, on single strings, and up and down the neck. Then I play some scale sequences. Both Diatonic, and Pentatonic, and then I end the warmup with some arpeggios. All this can be done In five minutes, but it can also be done for 30, for a more complete workout. It all depends on how much time I have.

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    Jan 2006
    i always do the stretches and shake like crazy, loosen things up, other than that, scales and such

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    Jul 2002
    Norway - South West coast
    You'll find some ideas in the thread:

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    Feb 2005
    New Jersey
    i do the hanon excercies for piano

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    Jul 2003
    Houston, TX
    I take a good 10 min to warm up. It's mainly chromatic stuff on a single string and across the fingerboard. Not considering the notes much but focusing on finger patterns. After 10 min of that I am quite ready to do whatever I need to do. Remember to keep it slow, a lot of students make the mistake of "warming up" with extremely dificult excercises and playing them at the top of their speed... that would be the equivalent of "warming up" by bench pressing 200 lbs (or more if you are a big guy stronger than me lol ) chances are you are going to get hurt. So keep in mind that a warm up should be a warm up not a speed race.

    I hope this helps.

    "If God had wanted us to play the piano he would've given us 88 fingers"

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    Feb 2005
    Lincoln UK
    Hmmm i'm not really sure how to warm up, so i've just been slowly running through scales i'm learning at the time for 10 minutes (major scale and pentatonic minor so far), then throwing some chords around for another 10 minutes (Open major and minor, open sevenths and suspended 2nds and 4ths). That kind of loosens me up.

    Then i'm ready for those b*stard barre chords


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