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Thread: Modal interchange!

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    Modal interchange!

    i was studing my theory book,and this chapter to me was very interesting.
    many people dont know about this modal interchange,neither i do, and i have seen those kinds f progressions and my way to learn is ;to apply and some new piece of music written based in what i learn from the book.
    So with the progression Cmaj,Bb maj,Eb maj,which is gotten from a common progression user modal interchange as techinique to write,what scale can i use to solo over,?i just want to know about pentatonics available to use,and if Cmin scale works better than the Cmaj.

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    Since the chords are borrowed from two different keys (C major and C minor), then you will need those two scales to fit the chord progression.

    The first chord, C major, is taken from the key of C major, so the C major scale is what will go with that.

    The second two chords, Bb major and Eb major, are borrowed from the C natural minor scale (they're the bVII and bIII chords, respectively). When the progression reaches those two chords, you'll want to swtich to the C minor scale during them.

    For pentatonics, you can simply scale down the C major and C natural minor scales into C major pentatonic and C minor pentatonic. There are other pentatonics found within the C major and C natural minor scales, but I would highly recommend getting comfortable with these two first and the idea of changing scales to match the chords before venturing into more complicated scale changing.

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